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Learning Is Messy – Blog – comment

““What would be the most useful thing we could do to encourage district leaders to rethink their social media policies for teachers/students?”” –Brian Crosby @ Learning Is Messy

I think the deeper question is, “What do we want our students to take home from school?” Is our underlying goal that they have a safe learning experience where the adults are on a pedestal as the teaching experts? Or, is our goal that our students become their own learning advocates and ready for their future – not ours.  In short, is a student’s learning experience about the student or is it about the educational system?  What do they need to internalize?  I believe they must learn to communicate while being responsible with technology tools; they must have opportunities for positive collaboration with peers; they mus internalize the process of critical thinking; and they must practice being creative with learning as the goal. How is any of this relevant without using social media?

– Laura Fowler